"Josh and I met in San Francisco three and a half years ago. We had our first date at a local brewery downtown and hit it off instantly. He is a southern gentleman from Louisiana & Texas, and I’m a southern California girl. I pretty much fell for him right away. Josh has the sweetest eyes and best personality. He always makes me feel special and tells me I look beautiful, even first thing in the morning. I found a needle in the haystack and will never let him go.

The past few years have been tough with the loss of my Dad. Before he left us, Josh made sure my Dad knew he would always take care of me. He wasn’t able to ask my Dad for my hand, but he did one better and asked my Grandpa who cried and said “Yes, of course,” and “Finally!” Several months passed, we looked at some rings and I finally found the one!

It is really hard to surprise me, so when it came to the proposal Josh had to be creative and do it when I least expected. In June, I was planning my sister’s baby shower in Orange County and he knew that would be the best time to do it. He also knows how much family means to me and wanted them to witness this moment. While I was standing near my grandparents Josh came over and was waiting for my Grandpa to ask the famous question that he would ask every time we saw him - “So when are you marrying my granddaughter?”, Josh responded by placing his hand on his back while saying, “well you know she’s a real pain in my back!”  He then kneels down in fake pain to one knee and pulls the ring from his front pocket to pop the question. I was in such shock, I just kept asking “Are you serious?!” and of course I said “Yes!” It was such an amazing moment to share with my grandparents and my family.

Let the planning begin! Luckily I’m an event coordinator in the Bay Area, so I know some great spots that both Josh and I enjoy. When it came to choosing a location toshoot our engagement photos, we wanted to be in a place that we love and felt comfortable. We decided to shoot in our home in SoMa and at one of our favorite neighborhood bars, The Cavalier. We were lucky to find Tumay from Tiny Forest Photography to shoot our engagement photos. She has the same esthetic as we do, so I knew our shoot would capture who we are as a couple.

We plan to get married in Tiburon next Fall at a little white chapel on the hill and have our reception in a garden right on the bay. It’s going to be an amazing time celebrated with our family and friends. 2017 is going to me a magical year… I get to marry my better half." - Erin Berenda